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Post an online anonymous bullying report which can be viewed by
school staff to take action. Developed by
Tom Letson a full time NJ
public high school
anti bullying specialist, registration is not
required to use the reporting system so students everywhere can
submit reports at any time. Scroll down for more information on this
reporting method and Bullystoppers.com.

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The use of names or initials in reports is not permitted to help
prevent false reports and to protect the identity of students who
make reports. Once a report is approved and posted on the
Bullystoppers.com site for review followers are notified via

This type of reporting serves two purposes and is based on
Situational Crime Prevention.  Reports identify "hot spots" for staff
to monitor to
deter bullying with increase staff presence or to catch
unsuspecting bullies in the act. Reports also give staff information
to start investigating specific bullying situations.

In addition to notifying follower of posted reports via Twitter, n
attempt may also be made to inform school officials by email that a
report about bullying in their school has been posted (see
disclaimer below).

Schools can use Bullystoppers.com reporting signs by clicking and
printing the above sign and posting in visible areas.  

This site also provides students, parents and schools with
strategies, tips and advice on bullying from a full time public middle
school student assistance coordinator.  Please contact Tom Letson,
NJ SAC LPC with any questions regarding this site or to inquire
about guest speaking or counseling. (Please review the disclaimer
and privacy notice below before using this site)

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Bullystoppers.com Disclaimer

Bullystoppers.com  is a bullying help and information website
managed by Tom Letson, MA LPC LADC, a NJ Licensed Professional
Counselor.  Bullystoppers.com offers students the free service of
anonymously reporting incidents of bullying allegedly occurring at
school or on school buses. Reports posted on Bullystoppers.com
provide school personnel with enough information to begin an
investigation to determine the severity of the bullying, if any.
Reports are posted only after review by Tom Letson, MA, LPC,
LCADC, to deter false reporting.  Bullystoppers.com cannot
guarantee that a report approved for posting is not false.  Tom
Letson MA LPC LCADC is not liable for any report posted on
Bullystoppers.com which after school investigation proves to be
false.  All reports will be removed from Bullystoppers.com
immediately at a school official's request.  Reports not meeting
Bullystoppers.com criteria will not be posted and will be deleted.  
Bullystoppers.com will not be held liable for any report deleted for
any reason.  Reports containing names or initials of students or
staff members, or accusing school officials of negligence will be not
be posted.     

Bullystoppers.com strongly suggests schools use the information
contained in a posted report to determine the severity of bullying
and harassment, if any, and any necessary methods of
intervention.  Tom Letson MA LPC LCADC is not liable for any
damage whatsoever which may potentially result from a school
failing to investigate a report of bullying posted on
Bullystoppers.com.  Bullystoppers.com posted reports are not to be
used to report potential threats of violence.  Reports containing
such threats will not be posted.  Students are directed to call 9-1-1
to report emergencies in which someone may be in danger.  Tom
Letson MA LPC, LCADC is not liable for any damages which may
result from a report of violence not posted on Bullystoppers.com or
reported to Bullystoppers.com via email.

Tom Letson, MA LPC LCADC also provides information to visitors
that may be helpful to any individual who desires help with bullying
issues.  This includes suggested examples of comebacks to use
with bullies and how to use comeback lines.  The outcome of using
comebacks in bullying situations cannot be guaranteed.  Students,
parents and educators use comeback examples appearing on the
Bullystoppers.com web site at their own risk.  The information
provided is not intended to take the place of professional therapy
or legal advice.  The help of a licensed mental health profession or
attorney is strongly recommended for any child and/or parent
experiencing  bullying at school.

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Disclaimer for BullyStoppers.com Information

BullyStoppers.com  is a bully and harassment reporting and
information website managed and hosted by Tom Letson, MA LPC,
NCC. Reports filed by member schools on bullying and harassment
are automatically emailed to the respective school's contact person
and are not previewed by BullyStoppers.com.  Visitors to the
BullyStoppers.com website are directed to call police to report any
acts or threats of violence.  BullyStoppers.com and Tom Letson are
not liable for any damage whatsoever which may occur from a
threat of violence reported in any manner to  BullyStoppers.com
and Tom Letson. BullyStoppers.com also provides information to
visitors that may be helpful to any individual who desires help with
bullying and/or harassment issues.  The information provided is not
intended to take the place of professional therapy or legal advice.  
The help of a licensed mental health profession or attorney is
strongly recommended for anyone experiencing chronic and or
severe bullying and/or harassment issues.
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