Great Comeback Lines!
Tom Letson

Comebacks are not for everyone!  Comebacks can be helpful
when dealing with mean kids, however, kids should practice
comebacks with an adult.  Comebacks don't stop bullying, BUT
they can increase confidence, which can discourage bullies.

A comeback is not a return insult!
Never us a comeback if a
kid may become challenged or violent!

The following are just examples to help you think of ones
that are suitable to your situation and to your age.  

Your words are meaningless to me.

Get a life.

Whatever you say.

Why do you say things like that?

You are wasting your breath.

Your opinions have no effect on me at all.

I don’t let someone like you get to me.

I heard you and I don’t care.

That is kind of funny but stop now.

This is just wrong.

Everyone says I’m going to run into people like you for
the rest of my life – great.

Here we go again.

You again?

You are a waste of my time.

I wish you would stop wasting my time.

Feel better now?

You’re a real expert at this. Congrats.

Can you just stop?

Are you done?

Yeah, yeah....

Yeah right...

Why do you do this over and over?

How can you say that with a smile on your face?

How would you feel if someone were doing this to you?

It would be nice if you grew up.

Real mature.

Stop being a child.

You should hear yourself - pathetic.

I could care less about what you think.

You can see I'm terribly hurt.

        Say whatever you want.

         I will never feel bad because of you.

        Keep talking - not listening.

       It’s real sad that you are doing this.

           It must be a joy to be your parents.

    What did I ever do to you?

    Why does this make you feel good?

    This is a shame because I actually thought we
    could have been friends.

    You know we used to be friends.

    When we were friends I never thought you
    would do something like this.

  I thought you were a good kid.

    I had no idea you were this kind of person.

    I never thought you could do something this mean.

    You used to be a pretty nice kid.

    You have really changed.

    Stop using me to feel good about yourself.

    Build up your self-esteem some other way.

    OK you hurt me- move on.

    Just words.

    Wow. You discovered I’m different than you.  

    Wow. You discovered I look different than

    They say everyone has a talent.

    And that’s supposed to make me feel what?

    I should really report you but you’re not worth

    You can think about stopping now.

    Are we going to go through this every single

    Are you going to waste my time like this
    every day?

    Is it your goal in life or something to do this to

    I feel sorry for you.
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